Restored Kingdom


All creation is groaning for the manifestation of the sons of God.

As we eagerly await the return of Messiah

 let us press on to the goal of our high calling.

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"A Ministry to Kosher Charismatics"

In 1991 we were called into an international prophetic ministry with the purpose of going throughout the nations and calling forth the Sons of God. Since that time we have ministered in more than 15 countries, including most parts of North and South America, many countries in the Middle East, including Israel and as far East as China and Mongolia and India.

It is our heart to see the Bride of Messiah rise up and take her place as the pure spotless Bride that she is, washed clean by the blood of her Bridegroom, refined by the Spirit of Yahweh Elohim.

We believe that as Messiah is formed in her that it will be "Messiah in you the hope of glory" (Col.1:22) that will reach out and touch a lost and dying world.

We believe that religion has done great harm to the Body of Messiah over the millennia and that only in this hour is the Bride breaking the chains of a religious spirit and truly embracing the Spirit of Messiah. What the Spirit has set free is free indeed!

Part of our change has come about as a result of numerous prophetic words that have been spoken. We have gathered these prophetic words on our blog site for your reading.

They are called Chavah Portions.

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